Laboratories for ancient DNA analysis

Laboratories for genetic analysis of ancient DNA (aDNA) were established in 2006-2007. The establishment was made possible by a research project of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, which was awarded to the Institute of Archaeology and Museology of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University and whose co-researcher is the Laboratory of Biological and Molecular Anthropology, which is responsible for anthropological research on historical populations. The establishment of the laboratory was preceded by the idea to try to build a workplace that would deal with the application of genetic research to historical anthropology.

Ancient DNA purification training

Specifically, the laboratory analyses ancient DNA (aDNA) from skeletal remains of historical populations. As part of the move of the laboratories to the Bohunice University Campus, the new premises were planned to meet strict international criteria for aDNA work. For each step of the analysis there is a separate room equipped with an anteroom, UV lamps, independent air circulation, etc. In total, the Ancient DNA Genetic Analysis Laboratories include:

Sampling room
Ancient DNA isolation laboratory
Amplification laboratory
Post PCR analysis laboratory

The laboratories are equipped with standard instruments for DNA extraction and purification, DNA amplification by PCR, gel electrophoresis, preparation of genomic libraries for second and third generation sequencing and appropriate sample storage.

In addition, within the Department of Experimental Biology and CEITEC, we use a wide range of available instruments to verify DNA quality and quantity (real time PCR, fragmentation analysis, fluorimetric methods, absorbance measurements, etc.), for second and third generation sequencing and proteomic methods.



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